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Classic Car Rebuild & Auto Restoration Services

Why choose Youngblood?

There is no single reason to select a restoration facility; here are several things to consider when making your decision:

Facility | Knowledge | Experience | Quality | Estimates | Price | Credibility | References

The Difference.

FACILITY- There should be adequate shop space to accommodate all the projects with separate areas, stocked with the proper tools for each phase of the project.

Our shop is just the right size, large enough to handle any size project,

but small enough to provide meticulous work and individualized attention to each project.  

Our Team.

•KNOWLEDGE – Professional facilities employ and train team members knowledgeable in each phase of the build.
EXPERIENCE – Years of operation contributes significantly to the experience and proficiency of its team.

Our shop is well-stocked with the proper tools and talent to complete each phase of the build.  The majority of work is performed in-house by our experienced team to produce the highest level of quality.  We do not sub-contract out large portions of our work, as we know this can result in sub-standard work and escalated prices.  Each member of our team loves what they do, so they put their heart into each project.

Your Investment.

· QUALITY – Never should the price of be the sole criterion for selecting a restoration facility.

In all professions, quality work deserves a quality price.  The value of a vehicle is determined by your love for the project.  Most of our clients are building a special car they want to keep the rest of their life and pass on to a family member.  Therefore, a thoughtfully restored vehicle, where no detail was left undone, is invaluable.

However, some clients view their project as an investment and may want to know possible return.  The value of any particular vehicle depends on how collectible and/or desirable it is.  For example, if you take a ’69 VW Bug and a ’69 Chevy Camaro, repair the same amount of body damage, replace the same number of parts for the same cost, give the same paint job, put in the same amount of labor; the cost to restore each vehicle is exactly the same, you will still have two different investments.  While the investment is the same, the Camaro is still going to be considerably more marketable than the Bug.

Although we are building your dream car, we treat each project as if it were our own.


·ESTIMATES – Beware of ball-park price quotes or estimates.

A reputable facility will take the time to thoroughly assess the vehicle prior to offering an estimate.

·PRICE –Use common sense; a price that sounds “to good to be true,”  probably is! 

A low price usually equates to low quality for any product or service. 

Clients often ask for a “ball park” cost for their project; our response “each project is unique.”  While we understand that a client would like to know what they are getting in to, there are too many variables and unknown factors to “guesstimate” a project cost. For this reason, we approach our projects in phases.

Our first meeting will be to get a feel for the project and your desired outcome.

Original Condition, restored with original parts and materials, the same way it was from the manufacturer.

 Although, we are not an assembly line, you will get a far superior quality of work here.

Or Modified; “Pro-Touring”, “Hot Rod”, “Street Rod”, “Super Rod”, or some other combination.  We then begin with a thorough inventory and assessment of the vehicle. “What is the overall condition of the vehicle?” “How much rust, or other damage, does it have?” “Is it disassembled?” “How many parts are missing?”

In order to determine the answers, disassembly (or reassembly then disassembly, if delivered in parts) will be required and an inventory of parts taken. Then, keeping in line with your desired outcome, a comprehensive plan for the project can be outlined; A “Project Outline” defines the process in phases, to complete your project. At the beginning of each phase, an estimate of hours, materials and parts required to complete the phase will be provided.

Estimates are based on the average time and materials required to perform most tasks. However, as we stated earlier, each project is unique. With restoration projects, it is common to come across unknown/unforeseen circumstances as we progress through each phase, which result in additional costs for labor and materials.

Sometimes the condition of the vehicle makes certain tasks more challenging: for example, normally it may take ½ hour to remove bumper bolts, but if they are rusted and/or corroded, it may take additional steps, such as heating them up or cutting them off, to remove them, and then it turns in to a 2 hour task.

Another example is that it is difficult to determine how much time it will take to research/locate/procure the parts, or if parts are not available, the labor and material required to fabricate the parts.  For these reasons, and more, estimates are just that, an estimate. We will always contact you immediately to inform you of additional costs, and request authorization to proceed, prior to resuming work.  Therefore, you’re never “blind-sided” by unexpected expenses.


·CREDIBILITY – Legitimate businesses have expenses they must cover, including licenses, insurance, wages, tools of the trade, etc. A successful business must be able to cover theses costs and make a profit.  

We document each step of the process.  For each phase a running invoice detailing all parts installed, materials used, and labor performed. Progress photos are taken and will be provided with each invoice on the 1st & 15th of the month.  A disassembly/inventory record, detailed labor record, phone log, and a list of parts ordered/replaced are kept on each project and are available upon request. 

We keep our word; if additional labor, materials or parts are needed due to unknown/unforeseen circumstances we will contact you, the client immediately and inform you of additional costs, and request authorization to proceed, prior to resuming work. Therefore, our clients are not “blind-sided” by unexpected invoices. 

·REFERENCES – Consumers should ask for references from previous customers and should not hesitate to call licensing agencies and the Better Business Bureau.

Don’t just take our word for it, our work speaks for itself! Review our many albums detailing our completed projects. A list of references can be provided upon request.

If your project deserves the highest quality rebuild, please call us to discuss the details.

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Auto Restoration Services and Quality Classic Car Rebuild